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Web Information As Graph

Look at this graph, does it cool? Nice! This is a Web as graph
What do the colors mean?

blue: for links (the A tag)
red: for tables (TABLE, TR and TD tags)
green: for the DIV tag
violet: for images (the IMG tag)
yellow: for forms (FORM, INPUT, TEXTAREA, SELECT and OPTION tags)
orange: for linebreaks and blockquotes (BR, P, and BLOCKQUOTE tags)
black: the HTML tag, the root node
gray: all other tags

看看上面图案是不是很酷?非常漂亮! 这是将网站转成一个图表

藍色: 超級連接 (A標簽)
紅色: 表線 (TABLE, TR和TD標簽)
綠色: DIV標簽
紫色: 圖片 (IMG標簽)
桔色:換行和引用 (BR, P,和BLOCKQUOTE標簽)
灰色: 其他標簽

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