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Koolim, Web-Base Instant Messenger

Koolim is another web-base instant messenger server. It puts many instant messenger clients together, such as AIM, Yahoo, MSN, Google Talk, ICQ. It's similar with other web-base instant messenger server:Meebo, Ebuddy,Iloveim. It is very good for people who can not setup client or use public PC.

Koolim是另一個在線即時通訊服務器。它把一些著名的即時通訊服務商放在一起,如:AIM, Yahoo, MSN, Google Talk, ICQ等等。它與其他的一些在線即時通訊網站相同,如:Meebo, Ebuddy,Iloveim。特別適合有些人沒有下載軟件,和使用公用電腦。


Anonymous said...

I prefer eBuddy. Kool IM just looks to childish to me! eBuddy has a very clear user interface, just like MSN/Yahoo!/AIM.
Easier to use for me.

BuddyStream - Samer Bazzi said...

we hope to improve the interface in the next couple versions.