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Scandoo, Identify Website

Scandoo is a free service that helps to protect your web searches from spyware, viruses and offensive content. When you search, Scandoo checks each search result in real-time before you visit that web site and provides security traffic lights to guide and protect your web surfing. It classifies each site into a category (for example as a sex, gambling or news site) and also provides a danger warning if the site contains harmful viruses, spyware or adware. It has three options for your searching: Google, MSN, Yahoo, maybe it will add Ask in the future. This is a nice service.

Scandoo是一個免費的網絡服務商,它幫助你在搜索網站時保護你避免有些網站上的病毒、間諜軟件和惡意代碼。在你搜索時Scandoo會即時檢查所有的被搜索的網站,它用簡單的方式來標明該網站是否安全、背景不明和不良網站。它有三個搜索引擎選擇:GoogleMSNYahoo,也許以後會添加Ask. 它是一個不錯的網站。

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