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Fring,3G Mobile Application

Fring™ is a 3G mobile application that allows you to make free mobile calls, send instant messages to other Fring™ users, and communicate with PC based VoIP applications such as Skype and Google Talk. All you need to use Fring™ is a 3G handset optimized for 3G networks with Internet connectivity. But I have no try it, if you are interest Fring™ you can go its website to know more detail.

Fring™是一個3G移動電話的程式,它可以讓你免費與Fring™的用戶通話、發送即時消息。也可以與其他的網絡通訊程式溝通,如: SkypeGoogle Talk。 所有你需要的是一個3G移動電話以適應3G網絡,並且可以上網。但是我並沒有試過,如果你有興趣的話可以到它的網站上了解詳細信息。

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