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PDF TextOnline Closed Service Cause Heavy Links From Digg

PDF TextOnline is a new (Beta) Ajax application that allows you to upload PDF documents right from your browser and convert them to text that you can easily copy past any where you need without the hassle that you usually gets from Adobe Acrobat or other PDF viewer. But PDF TextOnline closed this service cause too heavy links from Digg now. Its main page says it will be back soon.

PDF TextOnline是一個基于Ajax技術能將PDF在線轉換爲普通文字而不需要打開Adobe Acrobat或其他PDF閱讀器的服務網站。但是目前由于它的服務器無法承擔來自Digg的太多連接而關閉了該服務,不過它說會很快恢複。

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