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Kikwi Search is a search community site, that allows people to quickly search results across MSN, Yahoo, and Google. You can post your comments & vote. Kikwi Search was developed by Clipclip that is a bookmarklet site. I got an invitation for join test this new program, I was surprised about its url when I log on it.

Kikwi Search是一個網絡搜索社區,它讓人們快速地從MSNYahooGoogle。搜索引擎中汲取結果。你還可以發表你的評論和評選。Kikwi Search是由Clipclip這個網絡書簽網站開發的。我收到它的加入這個新網站測試邀請後注冊時還真讓我對它這個網址很驚訝。

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