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Weeworld, Visual Identity

Weeworld is a multiplatform visual identity for everyone who from anywhere in this world. It allows you to express yourself, communicate and have fun with old and new friends both online and on your mobile phone. It also works with some web servers such as Skype, AOL, Windows Live Messanger, FRIENDS REUNITED, Excite.

Weeworld是一個適合世界上任何地方的多平台的虛擬圖像網絡身份,它讓你在網絡和移動電話上表現你的個性,結交新老朋友。它可與其他一些網絡服務網站結合在一起使用,如:SkypeAOLWindows Live MessangerFRIENDS REUNITEDExcite

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