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Mash-up Picture & Music

Fliptrack is a free service that allows you to easily combine your photos, effects and popular music into a video “mash-up”. But it is not online creator, you need download fliptrack™ tool to your pc disk. You can pick your pictures & music (on its website) to mash-up. After you done, your creations can be easily shared with friends and family. But I prefer use another one Ibloks, you can create photo video online.

Fliptrack是一個免費讓你制作圖片和音樂融合一體的影像網站。但是它不是一個在線制作服務,你需要從它的網站上下載一個“fliptrack™ tool”,你可以用它來加入圖片和音樂(在線提供),完成了這些步驟後,你可以非常容易地與朋友和家人來分享。但是我本人更喜歡使用另一個圖片影像制作網站Ibloks,它可以讓你在線制作。

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