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Azureus 3.0, High Quality Media Platform

Azureus is one of the most popular Internet peer-to-peer platforms, that provides an easy and cost-effective way to distribute high-quality media to very large audiences. Azureus 3.0 is a new vision, that joins movie and music fans with filmmakers and artists to create a rich, social, and completely new entertainment experience. You need download a software from its site, you can use it to find very good quality video or publish your video.

Azureus是一個受歡迎的點對點網絡平台,它爲大衆提供一個簡單的有效的方法來介入高質量的多媒體。Azureus 3.0 是一個新的版本, 它把影視、音樂愛好者與電影制作人和藝術家結合一體,建立一個豐富的社會性的娛樂體驗。你需要在它的網站上下載一個軟件,然後使用它來搜索和下載高質量的影視文件或上傳你的影視作品。

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