Grab this Widget ~ Blogger Accessories, Share Your File Online is a web application, programmed in Ruby on Rails, where you can share any file you want, allowing you to limit this share to a single person, a group of people, or make it public and let everyone download it. Register is free, you can upload or download file you want, if you pick public option that means everyone can download. Sounds like a online storage site, does it?

In.solit.us是一个基于Ruby on Rails的在线程式,它是一个让你与他人分享文件的地方,你可以限时让个人或小组下载你的文件(任何形式),或设定为私人或公开。如果你选择为公开的话,你的文件就可以让所有人随意下载。听上去象一个网络储存空间,不是吗?

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