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Snap, Add Thumbnail Preview On Your Site

Snap offers a web service that allows you put thumbnail preview on your website, that lets people preview link page without open another window. It's easy & quick, you do not need register,just paste the Snap Preview Anywhere™ code snippet onto your HTML file. It works. Actually, Snap is a search site, that lets people preview search results without open links. It also offers a software for IE browser.

Snap提供一個在線服務,它讓你把超級連接的預覽功能放在你的網站上,這樣浏覽者就不必打開新的網站就可以看到它的首頁圖片。它非常簡單,你只要把Snap Preview Anywhere™的代碼貼到你的網站上即可。你可以將你的鼠標移到網站連接上就可以看到這個功能。事實上,Snap是一個搜索網站,它讓用戶不用打開搜索結果就可以預覽網站的首頁圖片。它還提供一個IE浏覽器的插件下載。

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