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OnlineIdols, Show Your Talent Online

Do you like American Idol show? Do you think hundred thousands young people crazy for it? I think some people are crazy because they know they can not sing but they want be special on TV. Online Idols is a worldwide stage for talented and creative people in both traditional and non-traditional performing arts to expose their talents. The website allows the public to determine the content by expressing what it is that appeals to them. It is an entertainment website, that allows people upload their video to Online Idols, and vote next idol.

你喜欢“美国偶像“这个节目吗?你是否觉得成千上万的年轻人为此而疯狂?我觉得有些的确有些疯狂,因为他们知道他们没有演唱才能,但他们想让自己在电视上显得很特别。Online Idols是一个世界在线舞台,它为那些有才能和特殊才能的人设定。它可以让人们上传自己的才能表演影像到它的网站,也让人们投票出下一个偶像。

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