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Crossloop, Remote Control PC Easier Than Before

I remember I had post an article that introduce about a P2P site: Crossloop,Free Screen Sharing, since that I got a comment from Mrinal who is a Co-Founder of Crossloop. Frankly, I did not pay attention to P2P software before, just a few times I had touch this kind of software and website, so I think I do not have enough experience to say something, good or bad. Recently, Mrinal sent me an invitation for test new version that included 21 different languages and will on public on 27th this month. I have a chance to try it before publish, I download software and set up on two different PCs, one is laptop, another one is desktop. Both PC were running well, it was easy to connect to each other. If you want host your PC, just tell another one about your access code, after he got this code he can use it to ask your PC for access, if you accepted he will use his mouse to control your PC. Both ways are same, if you want enter another one you need get access code before you do anything on that PC. It is a simple way to use it without any special technology skill. I really think this is good for people who want share PC with family or close friends, and also it is a useful tool to businessman who need show file with his cooperator or control another PC in his office. My opinion dependents on my experience, anyone can post comments if they want try. I attach some snapshots below.
By the way, thanks for invitation from Mrinal.

我曾经发过一篇有关点对点网站的文章:Crossloop,Free Screen Sharing。之后,Mrinal给我留下了评论,他是Crossloop的合作者之一。说实话,我以前并不重视点对点的软件和网站,只是偶尔接触一下,所以我并不认为我能对此作任何评论:好的或坏的。最近,Mrinal邀请我测试他们的新版本,包括21种语言选择(中文也在其中), 它将于这个月的27号对外推出。我有机会在新版本正式推出之前体验一下,我下载了Crossloop到两个不同的电脑上,一个是手提电脑,另一个是台式电脑,两部机器运转良好, 非常容易地彼此连接上。如果你想将电脑分享给他人的话,你必须将你的进入号码告知给对方,当他输入这个号码后会向你发出进入请求,如果你同意的话,他就可以用鼠标来控制你的电脑。两路完全相同,如果你要进入他人的电脑,你必须要取得他的进入号码,然后获得允许,才能做你想要做的事。这是一个非常简单的方法分享电脑而且不需要特别的技术去使用这个软件。我觉得这非常适合家人和好友之间分享彼此电脑,对商人来说它也是一个很好的工具,可以用它来与合作者分享资料或远程控制他在办公室里的另一台电脑。我的观点仅限于我的经验,如果任何人想尝试的话,欢迎在这里留下评论。附上一些抓图。

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