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Does Daytipper A Internet Scam?

Daytipper is a simple social site that pays users $3 to submit a useful tip. Everyone can submit tips, if tips are published you will get money, and people can vote tips. I do not know more detail about this web service, but today I read an article that attracts my eyeballs "Daytipper - the Newest Internet Scam". It says Daytipper delay or did not pay writers for their tips, but got money from its ads. Does something wrong? Do you have tips of life? Maybe you need think about to post them by yourself on your blog.

Daytipper是一个简单的社会性网站,它支付人们递交他们生活中的小诀窍,每个3美元。任何人都可以递交他们的小诀窍,一旦他们的诀窍被采纳发布后,Daytipper会支付3美元。人们也可以给这些诀窍评分。我并不了解这个网站,但今天的一条报道吸引我的目光:"Daytipper - the Newest Internet Scam"。它说,Daytipper从它的广告商那里得到钱,却推延和不付给那些递交诀窍的人们。到底那里出了问题?你有生活上的诀窍吗?也许你可以在自己的blog上发布。

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