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Draw Your Picture For YourSelf

When I was a child I was really want to learn how to draw, but my family was poor, and we did not have money to let me to go to special drawing class in the school. After I growing up, I bought some books and papers for practice my drawing, but unfortunately I do not have this kind of talent, so I gave up. I think this was my dream, and as I know many people have that kind of dream when they were young. Imaginationcubed is an online drawing site, that lets you use mouse to draw anything you wanted. Do not worry how are you draw, just do it. Maybe it makes you happy.

当我还是一个小孩的时候,我梦想我能画画, 但是由于我的家庭很穷,没有钱来供我去学校的绘画班学画。在我长大后,我买了一些书和纸来练习画画,很不幸的是我没有绘画的才能,所以我放弃了。我想这可能是我的一个梦,很多人在年少的时候也和我一样有这个梦。Imaginationcubed是一个在线涂鸦网站,你可以尽情发挥你的想象力去使用鼠标来作画,无需顾虑你的画如何,只要去做,也许它可能让你快乐。

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