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TouchGraph Browser

TouchGraph was founded in 2001 with the creation of the original visual browser for Google. It offers people to use special tools to discover the relationships contained in Google, AmazonWikis, and other popular information sources.
TouchGraph Google Browser is a useful & nice tool, you can use it to find any website related network. I used it to find some Chinese blog or site close to my blog. It is really cool. As TouchGraph Google Browser, TouchGraph Amazon Browser is another tool, that lets you explore related books or albums, see how similar items form clusters around common subjects, and discover how the clusters themselves are connected within the information space.

TouchGraph Google Browser是一个有效和漂亮的工具,你可以用它来发掘任何网站在网络中的关联状况。我用它来发现一些中文blog和网站比较接近我的blog。非常酷! 和TouchGraph Google Browser一样,TouchGraph Amazon Browser是它的另一个工具,它让你发掘相关的书籍和专辑,查看在类似主题中发现相同的内容东西,你可以看到他们之间的关联。

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