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Jabbits, Ask Question Watch Question

Jabbits is an interactive video question website, that allows people use video to ask or answer questions. It looks cool. You can browse all questions without register. If you want use online tool to record your video question you need register, that is free. If you want ask personal question you can invite someone answer, it does not show on public. Another feature is "Research Question", that means you need pay somebody answer.

Jabbits是一个交互式的视频问答网站,它让人们使用视频来进行问答。它看上去很酷。你可以不用注册就浏览所有的问答,如果你想使用在线工具录制你的问题就要注册,这是免费的。如果你想提问个人问题,可以邀请他人进行回答,这不会出现在公开场合。另一个功能是"Research Question",这意味着你要支付费用让人回答。

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