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Helpero, Find Answer About PC

Helpero is a site that helps people who use computer around the world to solve any computer related problem. It is an ask & answer site, but most time you just use search its database to find answer, if your answer does not there you can use "Ask Helpero" zone for asking. Helpero's subjects cover computers, internet, networking, security, mobile. If you have technical question or just want learn something about computer, maybe that is a good place for you.

Helpero是一个帮助全球的人们发现有关电脑方面的问题并给与回答的网站。它就是一个问与答的网站,但大多数时候你只要搜索它的数据库就能发现答案,如果你并没有发现任何有关你的问题的答案,可以在"Ask Helpero"栏目中询问。Helpero的主题包含电脑、网络、英特网、安全和移动通讯。如果你有这些技术问题或纯粹想学习这方面的技术的话,这个网站就很适合你。

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