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I Want Be A Geek

Recently, I am busy for edit another website. Martin has a very popular website gHacks, he plans make his site become a multi-language site, so I try to translate his English site to Chinese. Actually, I am not a professional IT worker or translator. I write my blog or do translation work just for interest and make fun.
Martin is looking for guest writers for his website that posted on his site last week. He need someone write about subjects including Gadgets, Mobile Devices, PC Hardware, Web 2.0 sites. If you are interesting about that, you can take look at his site. I think Martin mentions about guest writer for English, I am not sure if he also looking for guest writer in other language.
I am sorry I do not have more time to compose this blog, but I still want keep it. gHacks Chinese version takes my time a lot, I hope people who surfing on this blog can take a look at gHacks or gHacks Chinese version. That is a useful technology site.
I Want Be A Geek. Sounds like a song's name.

Martin正在为他的网站寻找客席作者,他要有人为他写以下主题的文章包括Gadgets, Mobile Devices, PC Hardware, Web 2.0网站。如果你对这个感兴趣的话可以浏览他的网站。我认为Martin所提到的客席作者是用于英文版的,我不确定他是不是也想找别的语言的客席作者。
I Want Be A Geek。听上去象是一个歌曲的名字。

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