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Be Careful, Snoopstick Monitors You

Snoopstick is a small USB spy tool ( I think ), that lets you monitor a PC. It is a USB memory stick, if you want monitor a PC you need use it plug in that PC, and set up a software a few minutes, after that you can take off Snoopstick. If you want check that PC you can plug in aother PC, then you will see any action of that monitored PC. Whatever that PC doing, bloswer on the website, use IM, you can remote control everything if you find something wrong with your kids, log them off, turn off Internet access, or even turn the computer off. The product cost $59.95, it can monitor up to three PCs. So be careful, someone is monitoring you.
I did not use it, if you want know more feature you can go its website for checking.

Snoopstick是一个小巧的USB间谍工具(我这样认为的),它让你监视电脑的行动。它是一个USB盘,如果你想监视一个电脑的话必须首先在该电脑上插上这个USB盘,安装一个软件到该电脑上,几分钟后可以拔掉USB盘。这样无论你在何处,只要带着这个USB盘就可以随时查看那个电脑的情况。非常简单,只要将USB盘插到另一台电脑上,你会看到所有被监视电脑的情况,浏览网站、使用即时通。 如果你发现你的孩子异常使用电脑时还可以远程控制它,中断他们,断网和关闭电脑。该产品价值59.95美元,能监视三台电脑。所以,你必须小心有人正监视你。

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