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Protect Your Laptop

How can you do if your laptop stolen? How to protect your data in that laptop if someone got and use it to find your information such as ID, password, email, credit card number. Lifehacker has a good suggestion. It recommend a good online service that called LaptopLock, it can recover your computer and protect your data. How does it working?
If you lost your laptop you need to to is report your computer stolen on their web site, the LaptopLock agent can wipe sensitive files into oblivion, encrypt files, launch programs, track IP addresses, or even send messages to the thief. Another good feature is LaptopLock tracks you IP address each time your computer starts up, that means you can get the IP address of your stolen laptop if someone use it and report it to the ISP or police department, it helps you to find you laptop.
LaptopLock is only for Windows.


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