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Surf A Website Without Click

Have you see a website that surf on it without click? Use keyboard? or Audio? No, it still uses mouse but no click. Don't Click is this kind site, it based on flash, no button needed. You still need move your mouse to right place it shows you its pages. It is really cool, I have never see that before. I am really like this design. If you clicked by accident, it shows you "oooops" with a black & white pixels window. Does not matter what content is, just look at its design. Pretty cool!

你看过浏览一个网站而不需要点击鼠标吗?使用键盘?或音频?不,它还是需要鼠标但不用点击。Don't Click是这样一个网站,它基于flash,没有按钮。你依然需要鼠标移动到一个正确位子上,它会显示它的网页。这非常酷,我以前还从来没有见过这种设计。我非常喜欢它。如果你意外点击了页面的话,它会显示一个黑白格子的窗口。不要在乎它的内容,只要看看它的设计。

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