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I think I wrote an article before that introduce Megite - a social news aggregrator. As many bloggers I use it to discover and read many news, blog and useful articles. Now it develops a new feature that call Discaver, it allow people to find related articles from website. You can type key words or web page into search bar, it shows you some results. If you could not find any result you can submit the url that may cover what you are looking for. You can also use tags for easy search. Pretty easy but useful. But I think it need improve this search engine which can filter spam and junk page, I saw some these kind web pages these.
By the way, Megite also has a video aggregrator, which play videos from some popular video site, such as Youtube,Google Video.

顺便提一下,它还有一个视频聚合器,播放来自一些流行的视频网站上如Youtube,Google Video等等上的视频。

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