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FoxyTunes, A Music Play Control Tool

Do you listen to music while you surfing online? Sometimes I do, but not easy if you want listen to different music sites or check singers and lyrics.
FoxyTunes offers a webtool that lets you control almost any media player and find lyrics, covers, videos, bios and much more with a click right from your browser. It has two kind of add-on extension for IE and Firefox browsers. After you added it on your browser, a mini player appears on the bottom of screen. You can use it to search (regular search not special for music) or play music online (I don't know how, it always pop up other players such as Windows Media Player or Realplayer) or in your hard drive, you do not worry about if it bother you. FoxyTunes also has another feature, that called Signatunes and allows you adds a small icon to your favorite webmail and blogging services while you composing (but I don't know what it for).
I could not use mini player to play any music with its widgets which mush up many music sites, it always pop up player which from other music site. I think maybe something it need improve,and its FAQ is not useful.

你喜欢在上网时听音乐吗?有时候我会,但如果要查询歌手和歌词或收听不同网站上音乐就不那么容易了。FoxyTunes提供一个可以控制所有的播放器和搜索工具,它可以加入在你的浏览器上,只要点击一下就可以播放音乐和进行搜索。它有两种add-on扩展件分别安装在IE和Firefox浏览器上。加入扩展件后,它会在屏幕下方出现一个小播放器,你可以用它来搜索(只是普通的搜索并不是特别针对音乐)和播放在线音乐(我不知道如何,它总是跳出别的播放器如Windows Media Player或 Realplayer)和电脑硬盘中的音乐。你不必担心有什么会打扰你的网络冲浪。它还有另一个功能叫Signatunes,可以让你在写电子邮件和blog时加入目前播放的音乐链接(我不知道它有什么用处)。我也不能用小播放器在它的整合主页(融合一些其他音乐网站的内容)上播放任何音乐,它跳出的是别的网站上的播放器。我认为它有很多地方需要改进,它的帮助也太简单几乎没有什么用处。

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