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Online Password Manager

I like try new web service especially for web 2.0, but many sites offer membership that mean you need use ID and password to sign in. I have big problem to remember these site's password, too many passwords make me mess and confusing, I do not know which is which when I need log on. Now, Spyshackers can help you organize your password. Spyshackers is a website built to safely manage your favorite websites and passwords from any computer. It is very simple to create your account, click "Sidebar" on the top line of main page, click on "Add Sidebar Panel". A bookmark will be created. Now click "Bookmarks" in the browser and follow the "Spyshakers" bookmark that has just been added. Sidebar will start automatically. Then, you can create your free account. Next, you can add website, user name, and password. So every time when you want log on your site, just click "Spyshackers" on bookmark of Firefox, log in your Spyshackers account, it shows you a list of your favorite sites, use mouse hover to list that will show your ID and password. You click site's link, and move your mouse to "UN" and "PW", it shows your ID and password for that site. You can copy or drag it to log in bar. It is very easy. So you do not need worry about spyware, keylogger. You can access your favorite sites anywhere, from any computer.

我喜欢尝试各种新的网站尤其是web 2.0网站。但很多网站提供会员服务,也就是说你必须加入会员才能享受服务。结果是我有太多的用户名和密码,以至于我搞不清到底哪个对哪个。现在,Spyshackers可以帮助你解决这个问题,它是一个在线密码管理器,可以让你用任何电脑管理和使用这些网站的用户名和密码。建立自己的账户也很简单,在它的主页上部的头栏中点击"Sidebar",然后在下一页上点"Add Sidebar Panel"。它会建立一个书签,在浏览器上点“书签”保存它,一个带有"Spyshakers"名字的书签就会保存在你的浏览器书签栏内。当你每次浏览你要进入的网站时可以点击这个"Spyshakers"的书签,它会出现一个边拦,你可以建立自己的账户。然后进入Spyshackers,添加网站地址,用户名和密码。只要移动你的鼠标到网站列表上就可以看到你的用户名和密码,也可以直接点击链接,然后移动鼠标到"UN" and "PW"图标上,它会显示你在该网站上用户名和密码,或直接用鼠标拖拉到登陆条内即可。非常方便。你不用担心间谍软件和键盘纪录软件的困扰。你能从任何地方、任何电脑上进入你的网站。

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