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Book Concert And Hotel In U.K.

I am always interesting about someone create new website or new service. Something looks very simple but concept is great. Concert Hotels is a new website, and that offers information about concert, hotel, or other events in U.K. If you live in European country you can book ticket for concert and hotel in U.K with that website, maybe it will extend service to whole Europe in the future. I think that is a great idea. I like concert, but if I need drive 5 or 6 hours back home after concert maybe I do not want to go. If I book tickets and hotel room that would be difference.

我总是对新网站和新服务感兴趣。有些看上去很简单但概念非常不错。Concert Hotels是一个新网站,它提供有关音乐会、饭店或别的事情的信息。如果你住在欧洲,你可以通过该网站预定在英国音乐会的票子和饭店的房间。也许它在将来会将服务延伸到整个欧洲。我认为这是一个非常好的主意。我喜欢音乐会,但如果在音乐会后要我驾驶5、6个小时的话我可能不想去;如果能一起预定票子和饭店房间的话,那便是另一回事了。

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