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Live Show With Your Webcam

I had an article which talk about Blog TV, it is a live show that offers you a platform to live show to the world. Recently, I was surfing other similar services, they also offer same service to people for live show with their webcam. You do not need do anything, just turn on your PC and webcam, show people your house, your room, or anything. I saw Days Inn hotel's monitor. I think it will be fun but not safe for kids. If you are interesting about live show you can go to two links below.

以前我曾介绍过Blog TV,它是一个现场直播平台可以让人们用摄像头来展现自己。最近,我浏览了两个类似的两个网站,他们都提供这样的平台,你并不需要做任何事,只要打开电脑和摄像头就可以了,可以展示你的房子、房间,或者别的。我在那里还看到一个Days Inn饭店的监视屏幕。如果你对这样的平台感兴趣的话,可以点击上面的链接。

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