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Springdoo, Online Record Your Video

Springdoo is a video website that is not show you videos as other video site, it helps you make video for email, blog, and broadcasting. You do not need any software, Springdoo lets you record anything online, or if you have video you can upload either. It supports some social community sites, such as Myspace, Blogger, Friendster, eBay, Facebook, and so on. So it will be easy to post on these sites.

Springdoo是一个视频网站,但它不象其他视频网站那样收集视频,而是帮助你录制视频,可以被用来电子邮件、blog和广播。你并不需要任何软件,Springdoo会让你在线录制节目,或者你可以上传视频文件。它支持一些流行的社会性网络网站,如:Myspace, Blogger, Friendster, eBay, Facebook等等,所以非常容易将视频发布到这些网站上。

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