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Tokbox, Video Chatting Without Sftware

Tokbox is a web server that allows people use video chatting online without any software. It is not like other instant messenger like Yahoo, MSN, AIM, they need you download a software for video or voice chatting. With Tokbox, you only need a webcam and a browser. It gives you a web link, that same to your page, and you can give this link to anyone who you want talk to. People only to do is click this link, and open webcam to talk to you. Even it allows you embed Tokbox on your site. Everything is free. It is very cool. But it also has a problem: SPAM. Like other social network site, spammer also want stick around you either. I think it need improve filter spam system in the future.

Tokbox是一个网络服务商,它让人们无须下载任何软件就能在线使用视频聊天。不象其他的即时通讯如Yahoo, MSN, AIM等需要下载软件才能进行视频和音频聊天,用Tokbox你只需要视频探头和浏览器。它会给你一个链接,这相当于一个网页,你可以将这个链接发送给你想要聊天的朋友,他只要点击这个链接,打开网络探头就可以与你进行视频聊天。甚至它还可以让你将这个窗口嵌入到你的网站上。这是免费服务。非常酷。但它也带来一个问题:垃圾请求。与其他社会性网络网站一样,垃圾散布者也会盯上你。我想今后它需要改善过滤系统。

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