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Tribbit, Online Tribute Someone Or Something

Tribbit is a web service that helps you to collect media expressions from your group. You can create an online "card" for someone who can sign it with pictures, words, or voices, then present it. It is a new way to communicate with people. Actually, Tribbit is another kind of online community, it looks like online forum, you post your picture, text, or embed video and voice first, then other people reply your message, they are also can post picture, text, or embed video and voice. Behind the Tribbit is WisdomArk,Inc that also run another web service Ourstory.

Tribbit是一个网络服务网站,它帮助你从你的团体(朋友或他人)那里收集多媒体表达内容。你可以建立一个网络“卡片”, 每个人都可以在上面写下文字、贴上照片、或音频,然后再发表。它是一个新方法与他人交流。事实上,它是另一种形式的社区,看上去像在线论坛。你发表一个消息后他人可以在后面贴上图片、文字,或视频和音频。运转Tribbit的是WisdomArk,Inc,它也同时运转另一个网站Ourstory


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