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Youmaker, Another Online Chinese Video Community

Youmaker is a Chinese online video community, that allow people watch videos, or after registered you can upload your video to share it with other people. As most Chinese video sites it offers videos are almost Chinese, I think the site based on California of U.S., and face to Chinese people who live in outside China. Compare to Tudou which is another popular Chinese video site, Youmaker seems a new site but its stuff are more personalities and verities. My interest is its Chinese name - 优美客,if I translate it to English again that should be "The Beautiful Person". This site uses traditional Chinese, for me, its speed is much faster than Tudou, maybe that cause I am living in U.S..

Youmaker是一个在线中文视频社区,它可以让人们观看视频,如果你注册的话还可以上传你自己的视频。与其他的中文视频网站一样,它提供的大部分视频节目是中文内容。我想该网站基于美国加州,面向海外的中文用户。与另一个比较流行的中国大陆的视频网站土豆网作比较的话,Youmaker好像是一个新网站,但它的东西更具有个性和真实性。我感兴趣的是它的中文译名:优美客。如果从中文再译回英文的话应该是“The Beautiful Person”。该网站使用的是繁体中文,对我来说它的速度比土豆网要快很多,这大概是由于我居住在美国的原因。

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