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Backup Your Blog Online

I wrote this blog over 3 years, I really care about it even no more traffic. I use RSS service to subscribe this blog for backup to my email account, it is pretty easy, but also has a little bit problem which is too mess in my email account, and I need create filter a rule to move RSS mail to another fold. I did that way, so my email account looks OK. Now, I found an online backup service Blog Backup Online. This service helps you backup your blog without any problem. It is very simple to create your account with it, a free account can get 50MB space, you can choose only backup text or included pictures. That is all done. It will automatic take care everything for your blog. It is a very useful way to backup your blog without occupied space in your hard drive.

我写这个blog已经超过3年了,尽管没有什么流量但我很在乎它,所以我使用RSS订阅服务来备份我的blog到我的电子邮件账户中。这很简单,但也有一个问题就是我的邮件账户看上去很凌乱,我需要为它来建立一条邮件过滤规则,让这些blog备份邮件转到另一个文件夹中。我就是用这种方法来备份这个blog。现在我发现了一个可以在线备份blog的服务Blog Backup Online,它可以帮助你轻松备份blog。非常简单注册一个账户,免费账户可以得到50MB的空间。你可以选择仅备份文字或连同图片一起备份。这就是你需要做的全部工作,它会自动备份你的blog。这是一个简单备份blog的方法而不必占据你的电脑硬盘上的空间。

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