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How To Sleeping In Airports

I like traveling, I think many have same habit, but I am not rich so sometimes I need save every penny while I traveling. Maybe that point is not only for me, maybe many people have same situation. Sleeping In Airports is an online traveling guide that introduce budget travelers to sleeping in the airports. Sounds very interesting! Actually, it is an airport guide that shows you over 5000 airports information, what equipment they have, how traveler feel, and where is good place for take a nap. It lists top ten best and worst airports. You can check airport by regions: Europe, North America, Central & South America, Caribbean, Africa, Asia, and South Pacific. You can also find some tips for sleeping in airport, and some funny stories.

我喜欢旅行,我想很多人都有这个相同的爱好,但我不是一个富裕的人,所以在外旅行我总是节约每一分钱。也许这并不针对我,很多人都有这个相同的境况。Sleeping In Airports是一个在线旅行指南,它介绍手头拮据的旅行者如何睡在机场里。听上去非常不错!事实上它是一个机场指南,告诉你超过5000各机场的一些情况,他们什么设备,旅行者什么感受,哪个地方最适合打盹。它列举出十大最佳和最糟机场。你可以以地区分类来查询机场:欧洲、北美、中南美洲、加勒比、非洲、亚洲和太平洋地区。你还可以发现一些在机场打盹的小窍门和有趣的故事。

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