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Online Free Documentary

When I was young I like watch different kind of movies, drama, romance, action. But now I changed my interesting, I like watch documentary. In fact, it is hard to find some good documentaries, sometimes HBO channel has some. A few days ago, I fond a good documentary site. Free offers many documentaries videos with different sorts, such as Politician Documentaries, Religious Documentaries, Activist Documentaries, Female Focused Documentaries and so on. You can pick video by different regions, such as Africa Documentaries, Europe Documentaries or other. My favorite documentary is Fahrenheit 9/11. You can watch documentary online, even you can use a download tool to download it. Most videos are open to public, they hosted on free video sites, such as Google Video, Youtube. The picture's quality is not like DVD, but for documentary the most important is story.

在我年轻的时候我喜欢看电影,不同类型的电影,剧情片、浪漫片、功夫片等等;但现在我的兴趣转向了,我喜欢看一些纪录片。但是很难发现一些好的纪录片,有时候HBO频道会有一些。前几天,我发现了一个纪录片的网站,Free Documentaries.org提供许多纪录片,它将这些纪录片分门归类,如政治、宗教、女性主题。你也可以在地区分类种选择纪录片,如非洲、欧洲等。我最喜欢的纪录片是“华氏911”。你可以在线收看纪录片,也可以用下载工具下载他们。大多数视频对公众开放的,因为他们寄存在一些免费视频网站上如Google Video, Youtube。当然视频的画质并不如DVD,但纪录片最重要的是故事本身。

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