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Report To Google About Someone Copied Your Blog

I know some people have blogs but they are not create anyone, only thing they do is copy and paste postings from other blogs. I think most people do care about it, but if they use your blog earn money from Google AdSense, it will be difference. How can you do if you found someone copied your blog? Recently, I read an article what talk about How to report duplicate content to Google. I did not know that before read it. Actually, it is very simple: Click on the "Ads by Google" of Google ads, at the bottom of the page, you can see this link “Send Google your thoughts on the site or the ads you just saw”, you can report something to Google by clicking on the “Also Report a Violation” link. Pick some related violations that you wish to report and click the submit feedback button. But it does not mean Google will take action, I think maybe it will take action after enough violation reports.

我知道有些人有blog,但他们并不创作而是专门拷贝他人的blog。我想大多数人并不在意,但如果拷贝者用你的blog从Google AdSense那里赚钱的话那就是另外一回事了。如果你发现有人拷贝你的blog该如何?最近我读了一篇有关如何向Google报告他人拷贝你的blog。在这之前我并不知道可以报告给Google。事实上非常简单:点击google广告上的"Google提供的广告",在页面的下方你可以看到“Send Google your thoughts on the site or the ads you just saw”,你可以点击“Also Report a Violation”来提交报告给Google。选择一些有关项目,然后点击提交按钮。但是这并不意味着Google会采取行动,我想只有它收到足够的报告后才会有所行动。

注:本文针对英文版Google AdSense,本人并不知道是否适合中文版。

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