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Free Flash Phone Calling

Have you heard about Flash Phone? Some blogs introduce this web phone service recently, that allows you use your browser to do calling including international calling for free. Sounds really good. Unlike Skype, you do not need download any software, only you need is headset and internet access. Free to register, and it limits calling one test calling and five minutes a day. But I tried several times it did not work for me, and I also checked its forum which is a community for users, some report say it does not work. If someone tried this service and successful, please tell me.

你听说过Flash Phone吗?一些blog近来纷纷报道它,这是一个在线服务,可以让你使用浏览器来打电话包括国际长途,而且是免费的。听上去非常不错。与Skype不同,你并不需要下在任何软件,只要耳机和英特网接入即可。免费注册,它限制通话时间和次数,每天只有一次试打五分钟。但我试了好几次并没有成功过,我也查阅了它的论坛,上面也有一些用户报告无法接通。如果有人使用它成功接通过请告知我。

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