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Try Cellphone Before You Buying

Are you interesting about to buy a new cellphone? Do you want to know what features the phones have, or fit you? Do not hurry before you go to shopping, you can use Try Phone for test different phone's features. Try Phone is a website that offers a fully interactive virtual cellphone, you can use your mouse to click as you push button on cellphone. It is easy to compare different phones. Now, it offers 4 kind of cellphones: Apple iPhone, Blackberry Pearl, Samsung Juke, and LG Muziq.

你想买一个新移动电话吗?你是否想知道那些电话具有的功能?别着急,你可以在你去购买前使用Try Phone来了解那些移动电话所具有的功能。Try Phone是一个网站,它提供一个全方位的虚拟互动电话,你可以使用电脑鼠标来测试不同的电话,效果如同用手来按电话上的按钮一样。这是一种方便简单体验移动电话功能的方式。现在它提供四种不同电话:Apple iPhone、Blackberry Pearl、Samsung Juke和LG Muziq。

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