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Weekend Reading Links

This is weekend we have snow storm, so I have nothing to do outside but nice to sit on front a computer to get online. I like surf online for my blog, but sometimes I just read some interesting sites or articles. Today, I do not want compose my own blog but I like introduce some interesting websites or articles which I read. It should be easier for me, and also better for you, because you can read original one if you really wanted.

Weekend Reading Links:
10 signs of make money online scams - If you want make money online you should be read this article, it gives you helps a lot.
The death of agloco - I heard some people talk about Agloco, and I also had checking its website before, I do not trust this company. I was not surprised when I hear this news. - A web tool that allows you round up your pictures online. - Upload your pictures to share them with other people and earn money. Sounds good.
Fix Picture - An online image editor, free to use it edit your pictures.
Fax Zero - A site that allows you send fax via browser, it has option for free or paid sending.

10 signs of make money online scams - 如果你想在网络上赚钱的话就应该读一下这篇文章,可以避免上当受骗。
The death of agloco - 我以前听到过一些质疑Agloco,我也看过该网站。我并不信任这个公司,所以当我听到这个消息时一点也不感到惊讶。 - 一个网络工具,它可以让你在线将图片的边角裁减为圆形。 - 上传你的照片与他人分享,并获得报酬。听上去不错。
Fix Picture - 一个网络图片编辑器可以在线编辑图片。
Fax Zero - 一个在线发送传真的网站,有免费和付费发送选项。

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