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Track Yahoo User's Statue

Yahoo Tracker is a web based service that allows you to track online/offline status of your Yahoo list, actually you can track any Yahoo ID. It is a pretty simple tool, just type Yahoo ID into search bar, click "Add!!", it will add that ID tracking on your list. If that person use Yahoo service, it can track him/her even who set invisible statue.

Yahoo Tracker是一个在线服务网站,它可以让你追踪你在Yahoo上联系人使用Yahoo的在线/离线状况,事实上,它可以追踪任何Yahoo用户。它是一个相当简单的在线网络工具,只要输入Yahoo用户名,点击“添加”就会添加该用户名到你的追踪列表上。如果该用户使用Yahoo的服务的话,它会侦测到他的在线状况,即使他将他的状况设定为“不可见”也不能躲过该侦测。


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