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4Info, Text Message Alerts For Cellphone

4Info is a short message service for your cellphone, that can help you to catch information about weather, stock, sport score,news on your cellphone. It has two ways to get information: Text Message Alerts and Text Message Search.

Text Message Alerts, that means when something happening it will automatic send message to you. You can create some message alerts, for example a sports alert. Choose your favorite game, team, and when to received alert. So you do not need worry about game scores even you are not sit on front TV.

Text Message Search, that is a way to ask for information using your phone and get the answer immediately. For example, you can send a short message to 44636 for ask where Starbucks, just type starbucks+city+state, you will get result. It is easy and useful.

4Info is only for US.

4Info是一个短信服务网站,它可以帮助你用移动电话来获得一些信息,如:天气状况、股票行情、体育比赛结果、新闻等。它有两种方法来获得信息:Text Message Alerts and Text Message Search。

Text Message Alerts,是指当什么事情发生时它会自动向你发出消息,类似订阅。如一个体育比赛的消息,你可以设定你喜欢的比赛类型、运动队,和什么时候要收到。这样你就无需担心比赛的分数,即使你并没有坐在电视机前也可以得到最新消息。

Text Message Search,是指你可以发短信给44636,询问你想要的信息,它会立刻给你答复。如你要询问星巴克咖啡店的情况,只要输入starbucks+city+state这样的信息,发送给44636即可。非常简单实用。



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