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BitTyrant, A Fast BitTorrent Client

I know many people use BitTorrent client to download files, because you can find almost anything on BitTorrent network. We can find a bunch BitTorrent clients such as Utorrent, Azureus, Bitcomet, if you want easy you can find some Integrated BitTorrent client such as Foxtorrent which is a Firefox extension, and Flashget that is a regular download manager but with BitTorrent download feature.
BitTyrant is a new, protocol compatible BitTorrent client that is optimized for fast download performance. The best point is BitTyrant has very fast download speed, maybe that is three times quickly more than other BitTorrent client. But it depends on your internet access speed, it works with DSL and cable access. Free download.

我知道很多人使用BitTorrent客户端来下载网络上的文件,因为你几乎可以在BitTorrent网络上发现任何文件。我们可以发现很多BitTorrent客户端,如Utorrent, Azureus, Bitcomet,如果你想更简单的话,可以使用一个整合器如Foxtorrent,它是一个Firefox的插件,还有Flashget,这是一个常规下载器并附有BitTorrent下载功能。

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