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I read a lot of blogs everyday, sometimes I do not have time to read all, but I still want read them late. What can I do? Put them on bookmark, yes, maybe that is only way I can do. But the problem is your bookmark will be bigger from time to time. Instapaper offers a good way to makes it easier, it gives you a javascript that you can drag it to your bookmark toolbar, while you find interesting websites or pages you can click that Read Later button. It will save these page link to its server, if you have time you can log on Instapaper to read them. You can still keep or delete them. It is simple and quick.

我每天读很多的blog,有时候我并没有太多时间来读完全部的文章,但我仍然想以后再读。我该如何做?将他们放进书签,是的!也许这是唯一的方法。但问题是日子一长,你的书签会变得很庞大。Instapaper提供一个非常不错的方法来解决这个问题,它给你一个javascript,你可以将它拖到工具条上的书签中。每次在你浏览网站或网页时发现有兴趣的文章是可以点击这个Read Later按钮,它会将链接保存在服务器上,如果你有时间的话可以登陆Instapaper来读取这些文章。你可以继续保存或删除这些链接。非常简单和快捷。

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