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CollegeHumor,Another Facebook?

College Humor is a college social network site for students, that allows users upload their stuff (picture, video, hotlinks) to its server, but it does not mean your stuff will be on this site, only good stuff allow appear on their page. But why is good stuff, I guess maybe is good quality.

Of course, even your upload files are not belong to good stuff they are not deleted by admin, they will keep in user profile and school's page.

I think it seems another Face Book, it will be another popular site.

College Humor是一个专为学生们设计的大学社会性网络网站,它让用户可以上传他们的东西(相片、视频、热链)到该网站上,但这并不意味着这些东西都能出现在用户的主页上,只有好的材料才能出现。但是什么才是好的材料材料?我猜想可能指东西的质量。


我想它大概是另一个Face Book,可能会是另一个流行的网站。

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