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Eatlime, Send A Big File For You

Eat Lime is anther web service that help you send a big file to other people. The principle is simple, you upload file to its server, and it gives you a web link for downloading, you can send this link to anyone who you want shared, receiver can use this link to download your file.

But, Eat Lime has a very good feature that allows receiver download file as you start uploading, that makes download faster than normal. But I do not know how. It also offers a desk application that makes sharing easier.

You do not need register, just upload your file to its server, and get an link. I do not know how long it keeps your file online. If you registered an account maybe you can keep a while and mange your file, you can get 1GB space.

Eat Lime是一个帮助你发送大文件的网站,它的原理很简单,你可以上传文件到它的服务器上,然后得到一个下载网址,你可以将这个网址发送给你想要接收的人,他可以用它来下载你的文件。

但是,Eat Lime有一个非常不错的功能,它可以让接收者在你上传文件时同时下载它。这种方式等于比一般的上传/下载模式要快的多。但我不知道它是如何进行的。它也提供一个桌面程式,这可以使文件分享更简单方便。


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