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Find Local Food Market

Recently, I am looking for move to somewhere which has a little bit warmer than here, my place is too cold for my wife in the winter. But it is very hard to find a place which fit us, because we are not often travel around country. Only thing I can do is get online search something.

I am really lucky I found this website Local Harvest. This is an interesting site, that helps people to find where you can buy organic and local food in US. It is really help me that cause if I found more local food markets that means more convenience in that area.

The website is nice and clean looking. You can search food markets or farms by zip code, it uses Google Maps and shows you about result, including address, telephone number, and introduce about what they have.

I like this site, even only read some articles you will know more knowledge about vegetable and fruit. But it only for US.


幸运的是我发现一个非常不错的网站Local Harvest,它是一个让我感兴趣的网站,帮助你发现当地的农贸市场。这对我非常有帮助,如果我发现一个地方有不少农贸市场的话这意味着从生活方面来说那里非常方便。



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