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Online Convert PDF To Text File

I am really hate open my PDF file because I need use Adobe Acrobat, my opinion is this must have software is sucks. It is so big and slow. If not necessary I do not want open it. Actually, you can use other PDF viewer to read PDF file. Another way is you can use online tool.

PDF Text Online is an online tool that allows you convert PDF to text file.

It is really easy, only you need to do is upload your PDF file into its server, it will automatic convert it, and display text content on website. If you want save it you can download it into your computer.

One good point is PDF Text Online support other language. It is a very useful tool.

我不喜欢打开一个PDF文件,主要原因是我使用的是Adobe Acrobat,以我的观点来说这个必备的软件的确不是一个好软件,既庞大又缓慢。如果不是必须的我总是不想使用它。事实上,你可以使用别的PDF观察器来替代它。除此之外,你还可以使用在线工具来转换PDF文件。

PDF Text Online就是这样一个在线工具,它可以帮你转换PDF到一个普通text格式的文件。




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