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I do not know if you like surf on forum but I like, I think that is a kind of online community, you can learn a lot of things there, exchange opinions with other people, to know different news. On forum, you can some people use very cool signatures or avatars with their posts. How do they did that?

Actually, you can use some image editor softwares such as Photoshop to make it. Shrink Pictures is an online tool that helps you edit picture smaller. You do not need download any software, only you need to do is upload your picture from your computer to its server. You can set size of your picture, after click Resize button it will show you a small square avatar.

It is very easy but useful. You can download or just use right-click on picture use Save as to save that picture into your computer. Also you can save this picture on a host site, it will useful for link of forum late.


事实上,你可以使用一些图像编辑软件如Photoshop。Shrink Pictures十一个在线工具,它可以让你将图片编辑缩小。你并不需要下载任何软件,只要将图片上传至服务器上,设定一个尺寸,点击Resize按钮即可。它会显示三张编辑好的小图片,分别是头像正中、偏左和偏右。

它非常简单但很实用。你可以下载该图片或用右键点击图片使用Save as功能来保存图片到硬盘中。当然你可以将此图片寄放在网站上以便链接到论坛上。


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