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Test Website Is Working Or Not

Down For Everyone Or Just Me is an online web tool, that allows you check any website down or up. It is a simple site, only put a web address which you want test, click Or Just Me, it will show you information that site is down, or like below:

So you know what wrong with that site, if the site down only for you that site maybe block your IP.

Down For Everyone Or Just Me是一个在线工具,它可以让你测试任何网站是否工作。这是一个简单的网站,只要输入一个你想要测试的网址,点击Or Just Me,它会显示两种信息:一是告诉你该网站不运行,或只是对你。这也意味着该网站可能封锁了你的IP地址。


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