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Download,Covert Video From Youtube

We know we can use many tools which download videos from Youtube, but most tool will get a .flv file. For some people who do not like this format, that cause you need download FLV player to play that format file. If the video file is Windows .MPG or Mac .MOV that maybe easier for some users.

Catch Video is an online tool that convert Youtube video to different formats, such as MPG, MOV, MP4, or MP3. The good point is that direct download/convert video from Youtube, so you do not need download file first, then convert file. But it only for Youtube, I hope it can use to other video sites.


Catch Video是一个在线工具,它可以将Youtube的视频转为其他的格式,如MPG、MOV、MP4、或MP3等。它的最大好处是直接下载和转换,这样你就无需先下载文件后再进行转换。不过,它只适用于Youtube,我希望它也能适用于其他的视频网站。


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