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LookTorrent, A Personalized Torrent Search Page

Look Torrent is a web site that combined several torrent search engines. You can pick up torrent site which you want used on main page, that looks like a personalized page. On right of page that also has search clouds, you can find some hot search tags.

After you picked search sites, just type keywords into sear bar, click search button. It shows you results in different sites (whole page). On the tab, you can click different name to switch to different site.

It uses frame to host site, so you can direct download the file.

Look Torrent是一个集合一些torrent搜索引擎的网站。你可以它的主页上从中挑选torrent网站来进行搜索,它看上去好像一个个性化主页。在网站的右边,它还有搜索云,这样你就知道最热门的搜索标签。




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